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How can you cash in on your old IBM DS3500 storage?

November 6, 2015

IT hardware buyback

We have good news for you. When you have customers with an IBM DS3500 storage environment or when you have an outdated IBM DS3500 in your own datacenter, you can now cash in on these!

The sudden withdraw of the IBM DS3500 storage solution by IBM 2 years ago makes it hard for you to meet the current demands for your customers IBM DS3500 storage upgrades.

The high demands and low availability in the market resulted in excessive prices for EXP3524 and EXP3512 shelves and HDD’s. These prices are out of proportion to the original purchase prices and the outdated storage technology that is offered.
RESULT: Your customer reluctantly accepts a way too expensive refurbished upgrade, because they need to keep their business going.

Don’t get us wrong, Infradax is happy to sell you refurbished IBM DS3500 upgrades (including a flexible support contract when needed), but isn’t it better to use this situation to advise your customer to move to a new storage environment based on Lenovo V3700, EMC Vnxe or HP MSA storage?

So, now is the time to cash in your IBM DS3500 storage environment because of the high demand in the market. Infradax is ready to make you an offer for your old hardware and while we are at it, why not let us offer you a completely new storage solution as well?

Let’s face it: In today’s business it never hurts to have some alternatives for your IBM DS3500 storage, next to the traditional offer from the vendor.

Interested in making your customer or yourself a ‘happy storage camper’ again? You know where to find us.

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